Tea shop operators to remember which ten points

although many people are reluctant to work for others, and choose their own business. However, perhaps because many people do, leading to business competition is becoming increasingly fierce. In short, it is really difficult to do business, not only to pay a lot of financial and material resources, but also to pay a lot of time and energy, but also can not guarantee that you can earn money. The tea business is also so, the so-called shopping malls such as the battlefield, you are not to join a strong tea brand means you can enjoy, you also need to grasp the market trends, but also as a franchisee, you also need to know how to create the market. The tea industry official said, opened the restaurant, teahouse, tea, tea should remember the following ten to ten do not.

one, to be stable, do not drain.

mainly refers to the old customers and clerks, as franchisees, in the treatment of old customers must use the truth. To serve with family and friends of the feeling, holidays can send small gifts or send a SMS greetings to you, as far as possible to ensure contact with old customers; the tea business, the most taboo is the frequent replacement of the clerk, so have to keep long-term ideas for staff to work in the tea shop, and some to make the staff feel at home. Now people are nothing more than three points: first, learning opportunities, the development of space is the two, the three is the salary. Let the tea shop clerk is not afraid of her but if she doesn’t learn good go ideas, can also let her do it when the manager can set up or opened to his shop when the manager management idea.

two, to fight the value of war, do not fight price war.

prices fluctuate with the value, people are now more and more attention to feeling value, such as tea shop brand visibility and reputation, and the service quality and store image etc.. Therefore, franchisees in the operation of the tea shop, do not fall into the wrong price, when necessary, can be considered a total of prizes and gifts and other forms to disguise to promote.

three, to create a brand reputation, not self destruct.

tea shop commitment to the customer, or insist on doing so, such as free trial bubble try to drink, franchisees from the store to consider the long-term development, not just immediate interests.

four, to be famous, not inferior.

tea shop to find a good tea brand, in terms of quality, price and service are guaranteed, the product is also on the publicity, but also enrich the supply. To do brand monopoly, the strength of the tea brand has regional protection policies, so the competitiveness is relatively stronger, more peace of mind, not like a brand-name products every day in order to run the market.

five, to monopoly, not to sell.

monopoly can form directional elimination >