Grasp the hands of chips to become successful entrepreneurs

every young and promising person wants to be an entrepreneur and realize the value of life. So, how to become an entrepreneur? First, it is necessary to hold the hands of the chips, the chips will have the power to move forward.

guide is desireDifferent


strong perseverance

the old saying "eat roots, Pepsi do". For entrepreneurs, torture is not what torture is fatal, if it is your own business, you must first ask yourself in the heart, in the face of spirit from the physical to the comprehensive suffering, you have no such a "power" and "unmoved either by gain or loss of mental stress". If not, then be careful. For some people, a lifetime to work for others, to do a job, is a more appropriate choice.

2013 April, delicious and other App officially launched. Product line, delicious, and so on, the team did not aim at the time of the Shanghai’s hottest restaurant, but the reality is cruel, progress is not as smooth as imagined. When APP really entered the dining room use, not one of the delicious co-founder Yang Allison to find that the line of this product than first thought to more difficult, but even if it is difficult, is still a team of four ningchengyigusheng will overcome one problem.

open eyes like a window