Canadian elite delegation with high-tech projects to return to business

in the course of business, we can see from the statistics, more and more students choose to start returning, many of whom are sophisticated industry professionals. Recently, a group of Canadian industry elite with high-tech achievements group home business, seek investment financing.

the "entrepreneurial innovation delegation" Chinese State Council Overseas Chinese Affairs Office support, led by the Ontario province of Canada Chaozhou hall ABZ, 6 to 16 days to go to Hongkong, Guangdong, Fujian Chinese, Jiangsu science and technology projects docking and exchange negotiation.

Think of

the delegation also supported by the government of canada. According to reports, the delegation hopes that through the investigation of high-tech industrial park, to understand the entrepreneurial innovation and preferential policies, and related companies, venture capital institutions to exchange talks, arrange project roadshow, seek cooperation.

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