College students to wash shoes on behalf of self-reliance

university graduates choose entrepreneurship already is not a new thing, Shenyang became a college student in the vampire brother wash shoes, business after graduation, his shop 3 years out of the northeast region, has won the reputation and popularity of the double harvest.

a graduated from Tianjin College of electronic commerce professional Li Hongfu, 2012 in Nu River street in Shenyang City, a 30 square metre shop started to do washing shoe business. Now, the students wash shoes brother business, store membership by less than 800 people a year ago increased to more than 1 thousand and 200 now. College Students’ aromatherapy wash shoemaker out of Shenyang, one in Shanxi, Tianjin and other development, a total of 5 stores. Li Hongfu also brought a lot of apprentices.

the same from a year ago, "only the service fine life from every world without end," is still the aromatherapy wash shoemaker service standards. How to really do service forever, Li Hongfu’s explanation is that a little more for customers.

A, a male customer brought a pair of white boots, want it to black. Li Hongfu took the shoes left hand, bowed his head, right hand stroked the thin boots of the outer wiring, he swept the sole label, is in no rush to talk about business, but the rise of humor to the customers said: "ask your home" leadership ", change the color to 80 yuan, but also look not to change? The original price of about 200 yuan for the shoes, or shoes, but this is not the leather dyeing shortly after the draft, easily uneven color may burst the skin, change the color of it, the price is not very high."

"I do business not only to earn money for a customer, but the customer is more likely to come to my shop, the turnover also increased steadily." Li Hongfu set up a personalized customer files, record each customer specific requirements, such as some of the more beautiful love color, or some color light, and the customers used head shoelace head is short, it is more convenient to tie shoelaces.

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