Chengdu hi tech Zone 2015 to achieve the new four entrepreneurial achievements

mentioned the western region is the most suitable city, Sichuan, Chengdu must be in the forefront of the list of candidates. The launch of the new deal in 2015 all the land of abundance, only to fully optimize the business environment, to attract more entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial team stationed in.

unprecedented support

reviewThe first working day,

2015 in the afternoon of January 4th, the Chengdu high tech Zone Industrial and commercial department issued the first set of a business license, organization code certificate and tax registration certificate in one of the "three in one" license; the last day of 2015, December 31st, Chinese West’s largest industry application software companies – Yinhai long landing the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, the Chengdu high tech Zone, with the number of listed companies reached 27.

The new


10 billion Zhenjinbaiyin supporter of founder

"plan" clearly, 2020 to gather all kinds of science and technology personnel 50 thousand people, hatching technology venture enterprise 1, built 6 million square meters of incubation carrier. To this end, Chengdu high tech Zone issued "business ten", defined in terms of capital, the annual investment innovation funds of various types of not less than 1 billion yuan, strong support for innovation and entrepreneurship activities, the budget 100 million yuan for innovative business incubator aggregation, service platform, high end enterprise training, entrepreneurial activities etc..

10 billion of real money investment innovation and entrepreneurship, Chengdu high tech Zone opened the curtain, the era of mass entrepreneurial innovation.

in the business brand activities, in March 29, 2015, "venture Tianfu · Jing Rong Hui" as recommended