Marriage can’t get invitations to design their own fame open studio

fashion creative 80 married family, have a very good idea for their wedding, want their wedding invitations to the formal wedding are very distinctive. Although the wedding company more and more, but they are most concerned about is the wedding scene, little wedding invitation little attention. />

  Mr. Yip discovered the business opportunities. He said that if an invitation and distinctive style, not only is easy to remember, there may be one of the wedding as a bookmark, will also be more meaningful.

simply their own design invitations so he decided to give his wedding invitations a creative design. Because it is engaged in the media was born, he has a special liking for the newspaper, at the invitation of the design, his first thought is to use newspaper background. For the influence of retro, his wedding invitations to a newspaper in the Republic of China as the base, and then in the following header with classical Chinese wrote: "XX and XX gifted scholars and beautiful ladies get married, please what time to what place to attend our wedding ceremony.

"where do your invitation? Too distinctive "," I am going to give you the invitation as a bookmark "," I also want to get married recently, introduced me to the company to do an invitation "…… For a time, this piece of creative invitations to fame.

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