The most common six kinds of dead law interpretation of the opening of the restaurant

although the food and beverage industry is still a bright future, but in this industry start-up business investors are not all able to win, because the success of a restaurant needs to be affected by various aspects. Next, the small series of inventory to open up the most common restaurant six kinds of dead method to allow investors to raise vigilance.

that the quality is everything, the product features as the target group analysis. In the cafe, for example, many people think that coffee must be the best coffee, the equipment must be better. Opponents with 200 yuan a kilogram of coffee beans, you have to use a $300 a kilogram of coffee beans; opponents with a $20 thousand coffee machine, you have to use a $30 thousand coffee machine! It closed at that moment, that the reason for my failure is good because of the quality of the coffee that no other store failure?

There are a lot of good shops do

the newly opened carved sirloin what time to have to wait in line? And wait two or three hours? And this guy is actually doing cosmetics, the restaurant is busy doing nothing prompted by a sudden impulse. Don’t listen to the experience of those who have never been successful. To get to the top, at least listen to the people who have been to the top of the mountain. Tell you shop early >