164 natural gas buses operating in urban and rural areas

these two days, at a distance of more than and 20 kilometers tall Datong County Zhen An Jia village, villagers, or relatives and friends came to the village, transportation is no longer a motorcycle and tricycle agricultural vehicle, but the new natural gas bus.

it is understood that the county has 164 new gas passenger car is operating. This natural gas bus carrying 52 people, compared to the previous old diesel car nuclear load of 29 people, greatly improving the bus capacity, so that people in the countryside to enjoy the conditions of the city people travel to facilitate the masses travel. According to statistics, at present the county leading to the county’s 20 towns and villages of the class line is set to 63, the township and village traffic rate was 100% and 98%, respectively, and 289.

in addition, let rural people enjoy high-quality passenger service at the same time, the traffic bureau of Datong County, according to the city development and the needs of the public, the county bus lines were adjusted to 13 Road and 4 bus extended to the district and four yuan coal water, part of the 10 bus to Shu Yu Yuan Road, these fine-tuning greatly the majority of residents. At the same time increase efforts to update the vehicle, there are 78% public transport vehicles to be updated, the overall capacity to quickly upgrade.

Datong county passenger bus to passenger transport, urban public transport, taxi passenger to supplement, is expected to complete the annual passenger volume of 20 million passengers. (reporter Zhao Linsong)