North District Women’s Federation pay close attention to the implementation of the year to ensure th

recently, the District Women’s Federation held a regular meeting of the women’s Federation system. At the meeting, the District Women’s Federation President Zhang Ping made arrangements for the recent women’s work to the end of the year, one is the towns, Street District Women’s Federation, the Commission’s objective responsibility to carefully control the leak filled, ensure the successful completion of various tasks throughout the year. The two is recently of towns, Street District Women’s Federation, the Commission’s work made a comprehensive inspection. The goal of supervision, mainly to see the work of women’s federations at all levels of the organization, the provincial, city and district level women’s organizations to build a model village (community) to carry out the work of the focus of supervision. The three is to continue to increase the intensity of the propaganda and guidance of women’s small loan guarantee policy, so that more women have entrepreneurial willingness to benefit. The four is to carry out the good roots, down to earth, do practical activities, the jurisdiction of the organization to carry out the women’s volunteer volunteer service activities.