Note there are 57 sections in the province of ice

1 19, 2009, for the ongoing Spring Festival work, the Provincial Traffic Police Corps released to the whole society during the Spring Festival in the province of ice and snow prone to the sections of the road, I hope to attract the attention of drivers, to avoid traffic accidents.

reporter learned that, during the Spring Festival, the city of Xining, Haidong, Hainan and Haixi Prefecture and other places in our province faces the return of passenger increases, the trip more practical, in the south of Qinghai high altitude mountain road, facing the case of inclement weather caused the snow and ice conditions on road traffic safety has brought many unfavorable factors travel need to be cautious. To facilitate travel, Qinghai police released the province’s 56 to the snow and ice road information for your reference, to remind you of traffic participants, rain and snow weather driving should be careful driving, pay attention to changes in the weather and traffic information, travel time and travel route planning in advance is reasonable, equipped with anti-skid chains, slow speed, steady driving slow.

these 57 icy snow in the road, the province’s highway ice prone sections of a total of 31:

1723KM Beijing Tibet Expressway – 1724KM, 1716KM – 1718KM, 1741KM, 1742KM, 1764KM, 1765KM, K27, K29, and West high speed K17, K17, K34+200, K34+500, K30+300, K31, K25, K25+170, K25+240, K25+440, K34, K34+800, K52+, K52+160, K52+500 – 100, K16+930 – K17, K54+500 K9+270, K9+670, K30, K31, Xi Huang highway K1850 – K1858, G1818 – G1822, high-speed Beijing Tibet G1825 – G1826, G1814 – 1816, K7+500 – K9+100, Sita highway K21+200, K23+500, K14+800 K18+200 and Ningda Expressway – K24+400 – K28+100, K30+100 – K35+200, 1KM – 1KM+900m – West cross 27KM+100m, 27KM+200m, 1800KM+820m, 1801KM+300m, Beijing Tibet expressway, urban road five pile 1812KM+800m 22KM+300m, 29KM, West and high speed 0KM – 1KM.

in addition, Haibei prefecture has 2 easy ice road, Hainan, 6 to the icy road, Haixi 13 easy ice road, Xining City 1 to the icy road, East Sea city 4 to the icy road.

According to

, according to the China Meteorological Administration during the Spring Festival in 2017, the country’s main traffic routes and analysis of the impact of severe weather forecast, combined with the recent changes in the weather during the spring festival;