Margin to ensure the wages of migrant workers

Construction companies in arrears of wages of migrant workers, how to do? Gahe Industrial Park for the first time to enable the construction unit to pay migrant workers wages margin, paid 10 migrant workers wages 167 thousand yuan, ranked the worries out for migrant workers, safeguard their legitimate rights and interests. Gahe Industrial Park Human Resources and social affairs administration in the process of a company’s labor wages margin refund formalities, suddenly received the company’s construction of a mining 100 thousand tons of zinc smelting projects, engaged in painting Lei Moumou, Ren Moumou 10 migrant workers complaints reflect the company owed their wages 167 thousand yuan. In order to resolutely safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the majority of migrant workers, the CMC staff in a timely manner to suspend the refund procedures, immediately ordered the company to pay the wages of migrant workers, and then apply for refund procedures. After consultation, decided to park first enabled the construction unit to pay migrant workers wages margin, from wage margin for 10 migrant workers to pay the arrears of wages 167 thousand yuan, effectively protect the interests of migrant workers. With the construction of the field of labor wage payment guarantee system step by step, since May 2012, the park more than and 30 companies have to pay the wages of migrant workers margin reached about 4000000 yuan, which also laid the foundation for the park of migrant workers wage arrears cases resolved. The deadline for rectification.