Transportation department actively preparing for the Lake Race

to ensure that the third tour of Qinghai Lake (International) electric vehicle challenge and the fifteenth Qinghai Lake international road cycling race held successfully, the transport sector in our province has invested more than 17 million 530 thousand yuan of funds for road disease treatment, beautify the road environment, to provide for the event Lu Chang Road Conditions jingmei.

these two days, the staff of the Huangyuan highway segment, is stepping up to the national highway 109 Jiangxi ditch to the black horse river road disease paving asphalt pavement. This electric car challenge all 3 stages and the bicycle race 8 stage 6, are in the jurisdiction of the general section of the. In the face of disease section of the line is long with many points, edge edge pat, construction materials and distance transportation difficulties, and construction personnel, more than and 10 hours a day fighting on the site; and the application of glass fiber grid, crack paste and other new technology, new material in the construction, in order to improve the maintenance quality.

"we have dealt with more than 70 thousand square meters of subsidence, rutting, serious network crack and other important diseases." Total Huangyuan highway maintenance center director Tian Linjia said, "next, we will go to 315 National Road, around a circle of remediation tasks there are nearly more than 100 thousand square meters, we guarantee complete before the electric car race and race around the lake."

this lake race will be held in Qinghai, Gansu and Ningxia provinces from July 17th to 30, the entire 3631 km, of which 1572.4 kilometers in Qinghai, involving the Beijing Tibet Expressway and national highway 109 line, 227 lines, 315 lines, 213 lines, 104 lines to Guide, Xining provincial highway 208 line ring Lake Road 10 national and provincial trunk highway. In order to ensure the event to be held smoothly, according to the annual spring thaw period, road disease prone situation, the Provincial Department of transportation arrangements early, early deployment, from early March to race related sections of road damage treatment, environmental remediation field road and safety countermeasures work carried out detailed arrangements.

up to now, the Provincial Highway Bureau, the Provincial Executive Council and other units invested a total of 47471 days, 7995 classes of mechanical treatment, pits, subsidence, cracking and Bridge jumping of pavement of more than 1 million 130 thousand square meters, the maintenance and cleaning ditch 587 meters, clearing landslides 340 cubic meters, pouring 73435 meters of the road.