Provincial Cultural Reform and development work leading group meeting

7 28, the provincial cultural reform and development work leading group meeting held in Xining. Provincial Standing Committee, propaganda minister Zhang Ximing, vice governor Cheng Lihua attended and spoke.

meeting pointed out that, at present, the province around the various departments around the building cultural province goals, and actively promote the reform, the province’s cultural reform and development to maintain a healthy upward trend. However, compared with the requirements of the central and provincial governments, compared with the development of many local cultural situation in the country, we still have a big gap, some key and difficult issues need to be cracked. We must recognize the situation, further emancipate the mind, clarify ideas, enhance the sense of mission and urgency of the reform, focusing on issues, fill the short board, to create a new situation of cultural reform and development.

meeting stressed the need to promote the development of cultural reform and development of new ideas, grasp the key, the classification of the implementation of policies, the establishment of long-term mechanism to comprehensively promote and complete the key tasks of cultural reform and development. To break through the difficulties and innovation, seize the global effect of the bid, to enhance the vitality of cultural reform and development. To further implement the standardization, equalization requirements, promote the construction of public cultural service system. To local conditions, highlighting the characteristics of the cultural industry to promote the development and growth. To strengthen the responsibility to ensure that the reform and development of both timetable and road map and task book responsibility, with strong measures to push forward the reform in depth.

meeting examined and adopted the opinions on further deepening the reform of the comprehensive law enforcement in the cultural market in Qinghai. Provincial Culture and the press and Publication Bureau, radio, film and Television Bureau and the Qinghai daily news, Qinghai radio and television station responsible comrades made a statement.