Chengdiao cultural symbols in Xining summer

regional culture is the soul of a city, is the driving force of the overall development of the city; urban spirit is the core of urban culture, a city is different from another city. The American scholar Joel · Kotkin brightly points out in its "global city" in the book of history, the city not only "living machine", also reflects the charm and vitality in Inner quality.

city sculpture, is a landmark of a city, represents the city’s cultural connotation and taste, reflects a city’s spiritual temperament, is the most effective way to record the city and state of art history and culture. Excellent urban sculpture, can play a role in beautifying the city and people’s lives, is the city’s eyes".

I, local historian Mr. Li Fengchun said that the last century at the beginning of 80s, stands in the Xining Railway Station square large sculpture "Heyuan River", the magnificent momentum, expressed a plateau city unique aesthetic taste and local customs and practices. Especially in the sculpture group holds Kejizhiguang characters, is not only a symbol of a noble spirit of the times, more cultivate people’s sentiments, become the memory of a city.

today, the city sculpture stands in the park, green space, street, community courtyard, is the summer capital of Xining left to the people of the most clear cultural symbols.

from the west gate of the cultural plaza to the Qaidam Road Green Park, from the Kirin bay to the tiger Taiwan Ruins Park, from the south to the high mountains of the lake district…… In the summer of Xining, now added a lot of local cultural connotation of city sculpture, this is a landscape of a city, but also for foreign guests to the city of memory.

Xining, the national culture here in the blend, the culture of its production is very strong. Urban sculpture, so that the quality of Xining continues to improve, for the modern civilization into a constant stream of cultural power. Today, Xining, is walking on the journey to create a national civilized city, let us focus on urban culture, focusing on these unique modeling language, tell the beautiful and legendary city elves! (author: Zhang Xiang)