Let the rule of law really become a common belief

November 4th, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee, municipal Party committee secretary Wang Jianjun chaired the Standing Committee to convey the spirit of learning and implementing the spirit of the party and the provincial Party members and cadres in the spirit of the meeting in the fourth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee. Wang Jianjun stressed that to make the rule of law really become our common belief and way of life, the legal awareness throughout the whole process of our work and study, become a conscious habit. Combined with recent work, Wang Jianjun stressed that one should learn. The Standing Committee should take the lead, the municipal bodies to combine the work of learning and thinking, consciously take the rule of law and the rule of law Province, the rule of law requires mastery of the specific work, pay attention to the "decision" of the original study, truly and thoroughly understand, let law truly become our common beliefs and way of life. The whole process of legal consciousness throughout our work, become a conscious habit. Two to do publicity. In the ongoing Village (community) "two committees" general election as an opportunity and carrier, extensive learning method, the letter of the law, abide by the law, law-abiding, usage of education and practice activities, to further promote the study and implement. Three to do a good job. Around the central decision, the implementation of the views of the provincial Party committee to study the work of promoting the rule of law, to implement the spirit of the central government, combined with the actual situation in Xining, highlighting the problem oriented, the formation of targeted research results. Four to grasp the drafting of the document. To form a comprehensive promotion of the rule of law in accordance with the implementation of the city. To grasp the connection. In the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee the party’s fourth plenary of two important process of building a moderately prosperous society in the country, is a reform, one is the rule of law, the spirit and the spirit of the Third Plenary Session of fourth plenary session as a whole, grasping the reform, grasping the rule of law, promote the rule of law to reform, to protect the rule of law reform. Six to implement. The decision of the CPC Central Committee, the implementation of the views, to see the results in Xining, departments at all levels should focus on legislation, law enforcement, justice, clear division of labor, clear responsibility, the specific implementation.