Huangyuan County 30 workers to participate in entrepreneurship training courses

recently, in full support of trade unions and the city of Xining city general training base, Huangyuan County Federation of trade unions held 10 days of "entrepreneurship and improve enterprise SIYB training you, 30 workers in difficulty from the communities in Huangyuan county participated in the training. This is the fourth since 2009 since the start of the training courses. Up to now, the difficulty of training their own businesses up to 105 employees.

the training from the individual awareness of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial program to communicate how to start a business, how will the sustainable development of their existing business grows, as an entrepreneur should have the quality of how the main content.

it is understood that the SIYB training is the International Labour Organization and China Ministry of human resources and social security advocacy, social entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs and SMEs tailored to the whole support system, is a set of entrepreneurial awareness training, entrepreneurial learning, entrepreneurial theory guiding practice in one of the training mode, to undergo training after making every trainees understand the impact of Huangyuan county labor economy and the pressure on employment, entrepreneurial knowledge and skills, expand the scope and improve the management level, so as to enable students to increase the ability of independent entrepreneurship. (author: Ye Wenjuan Xing Shengxiang Song Fang)