National Social Science Popularization seminar held in Xining

in July 18th, the Fifteenth National Seminar on the popularization of social science theory and experience will be held in Xining. From 30 provinces and cities nationwide social science association leaders, experts and scholars more than 180 people attended the meeting.


meeting that the popularity of social science work adhere to the understanding of the world, heritage of civilization, innovation theory, political consultation and education, serve the community, to popularize science knowledge, promote scientific methods, the dissemination of scientific ideas, promote scientific spirit for the purpose, to make its due contribution to the cause of the prosperity and development of social science. Standing at a new historical starting point, social science front should strive to create popular boutique, close to the needs of the people, focus on innovation, and actively expand the function form of the carrier, to integrate various resources, play linkage effects, efforts to improve the institutional mechanisms, strengthening the basis for the work, strengthen team construction, provide personnel support, continue to promote the popularity of social science work forward.

meeting the requirements of the majority of workers in the social sciences to provide theoretical support for the cast China dream, dream Chinese become propagandists and practitioners; to inject positive energy for the mass line of educational practice, for Social Science Front in the mirror, dress up, wash bath, cure treatment, provided the ideological and theoretical achievements for the better; to provide new ideas for the dissemination of social science knowledge, play an important role in the good heritage of civilization, political consultation and education and social service; to build a platform to promote the friendship and cooperation, constantly strengthen exchanges and cooperation. (author: Zhao Piquan)