Xining City Public Security Bureau to crack down on manufacturing and selling false illegal and crim

Xining City Public Security Bureau to crack down on illegal trafficking of false criminal activities, safeguard the normal order of social administration.

in recent years, Xining city manufacturing and selling false criminal activities for all kinds of false rebound, urban residential buildings, high streets and back lanes in the hospital "psoriasis" information everywhere, not only disrupt the normal order of social administration also caused negative effects and serious pollution to the city image.

Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau asked the city’s public security departments to take immediate measures to crack down on such illegal and criminal activities, at the same time, to mobilize the masses to participate in the training activities, to actively report and expose the trafficking of false illegal and criminal activities.

September 10th, Xining City Public Security Bureau police detachment after investigation for a period of time, the illegal trafficking of false personnel Yanmou, Yemou two people arrested in five near the bridge, and seized seven copies of fake diploma, diploma, degree certificate, certificate etc.. In accordance with the provisions of the public security administration punishment law fifty-second, the security detachment of the illegal person Yan made an administrative detention for fifteen days and impose a fine of $1000 penalty, to make an administrative warning punishment.

currently, remediation action is still in progress. (author: Li Jing)