The first half of the province’s key projects to promote smooth

recently learned from the provincial development and Reform Commission, as of the end of June, the province’s 170 key projects to 157 (85 construction projects, 72 new projects), the restart rate reached 92%, completed an investment of 69 billion 180 million yuan, accounting for 49% of the total investment in fixed assets, key projects to support the leading role of highlights.

this year, all localities and departments across the province and the entity responsible for the project focus on the provincial government to determine the objectives and tasks of the construction of key projects as an important starting point, the establishment of mechanisms, elaborate organization, regular scheduling, strengthen early efforts to promote, among them, storage, Laxiwa gorge water conservancy irrigation works, important the allocation of water resources of the Yellow River River flood control and 7 water conservancy infrastructure projects opened, completed an investment of 568 million yuan; Qingchuan railway, the new grid library channel, Xining City Ring Road, Qilian Airport 28 transport infrastructure projects opened, completed an investment of 19 billion 960 million yuan; aluminum bridge, big pressure on the small thermal power generation and photovoltaic industry of Delingha Park three, Hercynian to Qinghai power grid transmission channel to enhance the ability of the 21 energy infrastructure project to restart, completed an investment of 115 .6 billion yuan; Qinghai broadband and information consumption of construction projects and major projects such as the Internet plus 2 information infrastructure projects are all opened, completed an investment of 6 billion 200 million yuan; Tibetan towns infrastructure, Haidong city parking lot, Xining city underground pipe gallery, Kunlun west line 17 urban infrastructure projects. The resumption of work, completed an investment of 7 billion 690 million yuan; upgrade project to restart the transformation of modern agricultural demonstration zone, Mingyang wind power photovoltaic equipment manufacturing integration, double walled city, Guide the Yellow River International Logistics comprehensive ecological scenic spot of 67 industry, completed an investment of 12 billion 560 million yuan; Sanjiang source of ecological protection and construction in two, North and South Xining mountain greening, Qilian Mountains ecological the protection and Huangshui River Basin water environment comprehensive treatment of 5 ecological environmental protection projects all opened, completed an investment of 720 million yuan; the comprehensive building of medical hospital for women and children," Comprehensive reform, the new campus of the normal university, the city’s affordable housing and supporting infrastructure, precision poverty alleviation projects, such as 10 livelihood projects all to return to work, completed an investment of 9 billion 900 million yuan.