Xining to the rural collective three capital supervision with electronic eye


in Xining City, the rural collective funded regulatory system on the day before the official start network.

Enable the

of this system, can realize the city and district (county), four level network supervision of township and village, Township rural collective funded agency institutions and village collective economic organizations can realize the rural collective funded information management; rural economic management institutions at all levels may rely on supervision platform, realize the rural collective funded "the online data query, statistics, business guidance, dynamic management, financial disclosure and other business network dynamic supervision and management departments at all levels of rural regulatory data two-way communication, multi-level sharing and other functions, the comprehensive promotion of rural collective capital management level.

to the present, Xining city has completed 499 villages over the verification and data entry. At the end of October, for the district (county), township (Office), equipped with computer, television, village, multifunction machines, laser printers, touch inquiry machine, VPN network communication equipment, more than 400 yuan investment funds. (author: Su Jianping Jia Quanjun)