To quantity more quality, China promulgated the domestic industrial robot standard

The reporter from the 2016

China robot industry to promote the general assembly was informed that the promulgation of domestic industrial robot related standards in China, boosting industrial robot product quality construction, upgrading of China’s industrial robot industry’s core competitiveness.

3 standard

by the Chinese robot industry alliance released the focus in the field of industrial robots, respectively "welding robot system general technical condition" "fixed weight filling robot technical conditions" "industrial robot" special cable. Among them, the fixed weight filling robot general technical conditions have been approved by the national standards committee, will be issued as a national standard.

at the same time, China robot industry alliance is preparing the relevant standards for service robots, with relevant departments to speed up the development of standards. Through the guidance of the standard system, home robots are also expected to be more secure, reliable".

domestic industrial robot production? What are the challenges for the future? National Bureau of statistics data released in January this year to November, China’s industrial robot production was 64 thousand units, an increase of more than 90% over the full year in 2015.

2016 domestic industrial robot sales growth momentum. China robot industry alliance 14, in the China robot industry promotion conference released data: the first half of the total sales of 19257 units, according to the growth of 37.7% over the previous year than the calculated diameter, has maintained a high growth rate.

as an important support for China’s economic restructuring, optimization and adjustment, the domestic industrial robot sales in the Chinese market." China Robot Industry Association executive director Song Xiaogang said, 3C manufacturing (computer manufacturing, communications equipment and other electronic equipment manufacturing) and automobile manufacturing industry is the main market of domestic robot. Data show that in the first half of 2016, 43% of domestic industrial robots sold in East china.

it is worth noting that, despite the strong momentum of development, fast, China’s robot industry started late, some of the original standard has been lagging behind, the standard system can cover and guide the industrial development is still not perfect. In the Chinese robot industry to promote the general assembly, China robot industry alliance also released 3 robot standards, and announced that the project has been prepared for the 17 standards.

industry alliance can play a greater role in promoting industry self-regulation." Deputy director of the Ministry of industry and information technology equipment industry, said Sun Feng, it is imperative to establish a conducive to robotics research and development, innovation and orderly competition in the industry environment, and guide the healthy development of the industry.

It is reported that

, detection and evaluation center of the national robot was established in 2015, many ministries are linked to promote the establishment of China’s robot industry standards, testing and certification system, the future will promote the adoption of national and market driven adoption double, to build a new pattern of social governance.

robot is the key equipment of advanced manufacturing industry. Deputy director of the China robot industry standards working group, deputy director of the Beijing Institute of machinery industry automation Xie Bingbing;