A woman from the breast health network disposition decision

orange shape breast woman would quickly determine marriage. Although she is very confident, but also know their own goals, but still belong to the kind of woman who is not interested in sex. She likes to talk and make friends, but she doesn’t give her life to men.

the fruit size and shape of the breast symbol map using some of the traditional fruits. According to him, if a woman’s breasts and watermelon as big and round, that she may be a mother, but in fact, it shows that the information is far more than this.

"lemon" shaped breast

pear shaped breast

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watermelon shaped breast

"Grapefruit" shaped breast

"cherry" shaped breast

pineapple shaped breast

grapefruit shaped breasts and tall and straight, with the woman’s lack of enthusiasm for this breast. Lorenzo Ni said: "she seems to have a strong sexual desire, in fact, in real life, she is a shy and simple woman. She loves her partner, but she is more considerate than gentle."

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"orange" shaped breast

Lorenzo Ni said: "such a woman likes to eat, but also want to love and praise, but not much interest in sex."

for those who want to get to know the lively girlfriend of men, they should choose a "lemon" shape of the breast of the girl, such a unique and prominent breasts. Lorenzo Ni said: "this girl love life, have the courage to self mockery, will make life fun. All they want is a quiet life without fear or danger."

has a small breasts like a cherry woman is not only fun, but also very excited. The researchers said: "they like to play, and very clever. She is a good friend, and she is interested in sex, whether it is in ordinary life or on holidays."

Lorenzo Ni compared an oval breast to a pineapple. He explained: "a woman with a pineapple shaped breast is very clever, although generally have their own occupation, but still very romantic. They are very loyal. No matter who, as long as to win their hearts, they will not be easily lost within a short period of time."

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Lorenzo Ni is a kind of fruit which breast shape classification of breast, he said, a man can breast and personality of their own similar to the constellation that then draw diagram, show the relationship between a woman’s breast size and character of their.

has a pear shaped breast woman love is changeable, although she may be a Christian, but this kind of woman to make famous affair.