The Bank of Qinghai FS credit to support accurate Sand Village

7 late last month, the Bank of Qinghai Ping Sha Gou Cun Sha Gou Xiang district held "FS credit" and the loan starting ceremony in the East Sea, Qinghai Sea bank east branch and Sha Gou Cun Sha Gou Xiang nongdai signed cooperation agreement, and live for peace and Tianyu ecological farming cooperatives and other 5 professional cooperatives and 10 households the villagers first issued loans totaling 14 million yuan.

for the agricultural industry cycle is long, slow, weak mortgage loans to farmers, resulting in difficult, the actual loan, accelerate product innovation and mechanism innovation of the Bank of Qinghai, following the cooperation with Germany Frankfurt University of Finance and management launched the "FS small loan business, this year also launched" FS credit "inclusive financial products. This product is the Bank of Qinghai will be extended to the province’s agricultural business financial needs of agricultural and pastoral areas, the funds to the hands of the financial needs of farmers, new farmers’ income support vector.

received the first batch of loans Shagou village farmer star said, "FS credit" project to solve the financing problem of sand village farming, planting cooperatives and villagers to a great extent, inject capital power to the sand village of agricultural planting, animal husbandry. We will make good use of the Bank of Qinghai credit funds, efforts to get rid of poverty.