Daily 400 tons of vegetable transportation has been put on the green pepper, garlic, leek yellow as

this week, increase the vegetables transported through various measures, Xining vegetable prices tend to be stable, the 10 main vegetable prices average retail price of the Municipal Bureau of Commerce monitoring for 6.5 yuan / kg, up 0.2 yuan / kg than last week. Daily transported 400 tons of vegetables, garlic, green pepper, leek yellow as the main force. As the municipal government to stabilize the price of meat control measures, the average retail price of 28 yuan per kilogram of pork, beef, the average retail price of $54 / kg, the average retail price of mutton 50 yuan / kg, unchanged from last week.

it is understood that the Spring Festival is approaching, in order to protect the supply, stable prices, recently, the city’s business sector 400 tons of vegetables a day or so, the wholesale price of vegetables fell by 10% sales. 400 tons of vegetables, mainly from Gansu City Department of Commerce and Shaanxi increased the main vegetable varieties of pepper, turmeric, garlic and other holiday transport, to meet the market supply. Among them, the Tibetan Plateau distribution center from Shandong transported 70 thousand kilograms of garlic, the retail price of 1.5 yuan / kg, 20 thousand kg of pepper from Gansu transportation, the retail price of 1.5 yuan / kg, 40 thousand kg of cabbage, the retail price of 0.4 yuan / kg, and 6000 kg of Eggplant from Gansu, the retail price of 2 yuan / kg, these vegetables have been at the end of December 2012 2013 to 5 January, all on the market. Citizen Ms. Zhang is Mafang area residents, a few days ago, she learned that the market center of the vegetable price cheap than others, early in the morning to get into the procurement, green pepper 1.5 yuan / kg, 1 yuan cheaper than the rest of the market, the number of garlic the most cost-effective, other market can sell 8 yuan, but here only 1.5 yuan / kg, really good.

in the analysis of the reasons for the sharp rise in the price of meat dishes in our city, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce responsible person, Xining price index rose for a long time in the top three. While the province affected by the remote location, after entering the winter, affected by rain and snow, traffic is blocked, the redeployment of vegetables to reduce the number of Xining city vegetable prices will fluctuate. Most vegetables from Shandong, Henan, Shaanxi, Gansu, Yunnan, Sichuan, Hebei, Guangdong and other places. Because the distance away, the high cost of transportation, vegetable prices remain high, especially during the Spring Festival every year, the price of vegetables will be several times higher than usual. (author: Fang Xu)