Food safety problems please call

Into the summer, hot weather is changeable, perishable food, easy to breed a variety of pathogenic microorganisms, bacterial food poisoning risks, to ensure public food safety, May 12th, the provincial food and Drug Administration issued a summer food safety warning. The requirements of consumers, such as that found in food consumption in the process of food safety problems or severe vomiting, diarrhea and other suspicious symptoms of food poisoning, in a timely manner to the food and drug administration reports and complaints, complaints Tel: 12331, and the nearest to the regular hospital treatment, actively cooperate with relevant departments to take control measures.

the warning, the dining consumer to go out to choose full license, clean environment, food safety supervision and quantitative level of food service units, do not eat or eat raw seafood, high risk food, cold dish cooked Lucai carefully chosen. At the end of the meal, you should take the initiative to obtain documents such as invoices. When eating at home, the food raw materials should be fully cleaned; refrigerator food storage time should not exceed 24 hours. Shensi wild plants. Consumers purchase food raw materials to processing fresh food and raw materials without spoilage; processing, such as Soybean Milk Sauteed Green Beans natural toxins in food should be cooked cooking; do not purchase the germination of potatoes, wild mushrooms, unknown species of fish and shellfish products; do not purchase the dead poison and cause of death is unknown or not made veterinary health the quarantine certificate of the livestock and poultry meat; do not purchase Street undocumented vendors making meat etc.. Consumers to manage their own collective feast to the local food and drug regulatory authorities or the village committee for the record.