Build the Silk Road culture flowers blooming like a piece of Brocade a review of the 2016 first Qing

this summer, Qinghai has become a sea of flowers. The melodious flowers all over the mountains and plains in the Sung, every set foot on this land, all revel in the flowers blooming like a piece of brocade in the world.

"light whip to go to the side of the fragrance, diffuse smell flowers intermittent long"; "sing songs of flowers, all the new flowers beautiful young"…… Ming and Qing dynasties have left Qinghai, men of literature and writing while Praise Words diffuse flowers.

in July 8th to 20, the Provincial Cultural Office of press and publication, Haidong municipal government, Xining municipal government and the Qinghai radio and television jointly hosted the 2016 first Qinghai silk flower art festival, three plates, eight activities, showcasing the artistic charm of Qinghai flowers, flowers and a wonderful chapter of art in Qinghai folk culture unique charm blend, dazzling.

Dadi Feige, flowers feast.

said that if the Qinghai silk road open for the entire Shunda Silk Road played a key role, then the Qinghai silk flowers art festival put into cultural bridge, in the development strategy of "The Belt and Road", colorful silk culture innovation blend like, weave a rosy picture.

this is a feast of culture, but also the cultural feast of the masses; this is the pride of the flowers of the motherland, but also the glory of the flower singer.

The exchange of

culture is a spiritual exchange. The opening ceremony, "the silk road feeling, beautiful Qinghai together" sing "the Silk Road, Qinghai qingyichang" "beautiful flowers of Qinghai, flowers young million years to sing" three chapter shuttle cutting out a piece of the national culture of Qinghai, people are symbiotic spectacular flowers.

the thirteenth session of the five northwestern provinces (regions) flowers concert constantly exciting climax. From the northwest five provinces of 13 ethnic Kyrgyz singer and Donggan singer singing a variety of styles of flowers, let the flowers of this folk art form with diverse inclusive characteristics, also make this art form full of vitality, reflects the soul of increasingly filled with the northwest folk cultural confidence;

charming flowers once again sing, who visited the home of the rainbow sky. There is no star names, "Qinghai big flower ring" but because of the return of the flowers, so that the "grassroots" singers sing the Qinghai, singing into the green song and the avenue of stars;

"in June six, diffuse flowers, Qinghai flowers sing, Dan Ma Tu flowers, classic mountain flowers, nanfo mountain flowers will, Huangyuan traditional folk flowers flowers will be series of singing activities, weave a bonus culture shared by all people of the moving picture;

closed his eyes and opened his eyes look nice, — this is the province’s first song & Dance "the elder brother of white peony" to give the audience the visual effects, the flowers from the countryside to the elegant innovation stage for the perfect interpretation of this desire;

Art Festival this year, the "menu", the Qinghai international water and life music tour concert together with the Silk Road art festival flowers, more colorful. Singers from Qinghai;