Comprehensive analysis of the city’s urban management hotline complaints in February – the city’s en

2 months, the city’s urban management hotline received 61 complaints, of which turn 1, 3 effective advice, issue 57, 100% acceptance rate, completion rate of 100% months, the volume of complaints the lowest record, the amount accepted for 6 consecutive months to maintain a low level.

During the two years of

2011, the city carried out large-scale clean house circle spring environmental health focus on remediation, and strong winds and other inclement weather less, greatly enhance the quality of environmental sanitation, effective February to accept the number fell 33% compared with January, equivalent to only 39% in the same period last year. The complaints are mainly concentrated in the sporadic operation, mobile vendors Jeeves, North Bridge Street area surrounding the relative prominence.

as the weather gets warmer, seasonal replacement, the city’s environmental health pressure increases, the City Council asked the city Department to make persistent efforts to do the following. is a implementation of long-term management mechanism established in the special rectification, continue inspections and remediation efforts, scientific deployment of personnel, efforts to implement the responsibility, to prevent the problem of mobile vendors, such as repeated dead garbage. two is to grasp the changes timely deployment of solar term, with strong wind weather, do outdoor advertising, door investigation, to eliminate potential safety problems. three is to carry out the work of the site investigation and publicity work to prevent the waste, sand and dust transport and site problems rebound, creating a good living environment for the public.