Let Wen Meiying do service shop can destabilize large supermarket

since it is a small shop, compared with the big business, regardless of the type of product, or a variety of promotional activities, in fact, there is no advantage. And now, large and small supermarkets everywhere, the supermarket to complete variety, beautiful environment, discounts and other one-stop shopping convenience has won the favor of many consumers. Compared with the big supermarket, located in some communities around the store business becomes difficult. But there are a number of community shops business is still booming, not affected by the supermarket.

Wen Meiying’s shop is located in Guangxi Guigang City Metro area near Fuji, her business shop has been almost twenty years, there is a large shopping mall, two supermarkets near the community over the years, her shop business has been booming, she what secret "calling" the big supermarket?

door-to-door service. "The supermarket business products, complete varieties, our shop mainly engaged in non-staple food and daily necessities, for example, sometimes at home cooking, suddenly need a bag of salt, don’t run to the supermarket to buy a large payment to come back, this time cost is high. And if you make a phone call, I will immediately send the door to allow customers to enjoy the service at home.

we shop, the goods and types of competition is not the supermarket, but we can do in the service of the family, humanization." Wen Meiying smiled and said to us, when the phone rang, the original area is the five floor of the small Zhang Jiazhong guest, need to send a few packs of cigarettes, two pieces of beer and some other snacks home, Wen Meiying carey recorded the pen, the last repeat was assured, and then let the waiter in the store immediately according to the order delivery.

time difference service. The supermarket is usually a fixed Business Hours, Wen Meiying skilly uses the time difference in the supermarket closed space for customer service. For example, the morning of the supermarket is generally 8 business, but many morning residents, office workers, children go to school in general before the door to go out on the 8, Wen Meiying’s time difference to meet the needs of this part of the residents.

moreover, many young people in the district during the day to work more busy, like the Internet at home in the evening, the middle of the night need to add energy, always like to her shop to buy cigarettes, drinks or instant noodles. The 24 hours of non-stop service, although hard, but Wen Meiying is very happy, she said: "the shop for so many years, also restless. I will sacrifice some private time, convenient neighborhood but also the highest revenue, Why not??"

additional services. "Can you lend me your pump, please?" A pretty girl on a bike ride to the shop at Wen Meiying asked. "Xiao Li, don’t mention it, just take it!" Wen Meiying said generously. It is the original one of her secret: to provide additional services.

"sometimes there are children in the district recommended