Today Shanghai FTA free trade zone which changes the whole –

Free Trade Zone in Shanghai free trade zone to create a new understanding, so that more people began to pay attention to the development of Shanghai’s economy, so many years later, Shanghai free trade zone can be changed? Thanks to the Shanghai free trade zone for more than three years continue to promote industrial policy and open to the negative list management as the core of the reform of the investment management system, bonded area function formats to further expand the rich, accelerate the headquarters economy, economy and the emerging economic development platform.

free trade zone after listing, bonded area what changes? After listing, as of the end of 2016, the latest data show:

Prior to the listing of

, bonded area stock enterprises 8000. Listing three years later, the bonded area of newly established enterprises 2.9.

listed before the bonded area has three major industries: trade accounted for 63%, accounting for logistics industry accounted for 22%, manufacturing accounted for 4%. Three years after the listing, trade, logistics, manufacturing and other traditional industries declined significantly in the proportion of newly established enterprises, business services, scientific research and technical services, leasing services, financial services four emerging industries have been significantly increased. The business services industry before listing accounted for 4%, three years after the listing accounted for 27%; scientific research and technical services accounted for the increase from 1% to 11% before the listing; listing before the rental service industry accounted for 2%, after the listing accounted for 6%; the financial services industry accounted for the increase from 1% to 5% before the listing; the cultural service industry although the proportion is not high, but the number of enterprises from dozens to more than 600.

is worth noting that the emerging service sector accounted for significantly improved, the structure of imported goods are also optimized." Deputy director of the Shanghai Free Trade Zone Free Trade Zone Management Office Song Penglin said, "the new power which reflects the industrial layout to optimize the transformation and development, accelerate the formation of international trade, and the leading role highlights three major changes."

such as commodity industry from copper based extended to petrochemical products and agricultural products, the number of enterprises from more than 10 to more than and 100, the scale of operation from three years ago, ten billion yuan level to level one hundred billion yuan, in 2016 sales of more than 200 billion yuan, the average annual growth of 40%.

The establishment of the free trade zone of

Shanghai has brought people a better development, so that people began to focus on how Shanghai is integrated into the economic globalization of the economy. Shanghai free trade zone is the goal of the bonded area, in 2020 to open up the basic framework of opening up the highest free trade zone in terms of investment openness, trade facilitation, financial factors and functional integration.

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