The shop to do business to develop a good habit of money – the whole

shop selling goods, once the transaction will naturally have money coming in, many shopkeepers is thrown to the drawer, not finishing a few days to change is very chaotic, and may cause the accounting mistakes. So, if it is a shop to do business, you need to develop a good habit of collecting money.

I have a habit of money, received 100 yuan and $50 denominations of money, not only will be carey tested true and false, but also the money to be all together, and then put in a special lock on the drawer. As for the other denominations, I put them in another drawer.

idle down, the zero money. A few bad money was sorted out on one side, and then look at the drawer more pleasing to the eye.

a day to run down a total of a few old money, do not arrange a few days, the change on the pile was a mess, their own worry, customers are also tired. So, with the old money, it is necessary.

in fact, any one thing is often accumulated by some small habits down, if used well, long-term accumulation, will naturally help the development of the business. In a word, the child is father of the man to do anything for fear of trouble, is not, for a long time, it will develop bad habits. Find out the problem and correct it in time.