What they can also change the A cup breast plump female health network

A now tell the girls a cup is not mysterious Meixiong coup, even after puberty also don’t have to worry about no chance!

Rugen: double down the center, located just below the roots of the breast, while a.

want to have a concave convex shape, in addition to congenital factors, it is necessary to have surgery?

tanzhongxue: chest parallel center line, is to place on the sternum.

Xiaobian reminder:

(internship editor: He Lili)

days Creek point: located in the extension line of the nipple outwards, will hand the tiger’s mouth open, is boosting the right breast four fingers, thumb on the breast outside the two (the four or five intercostal) are the days of river point.

refers to the collocation points, oil massage, pressure for 5 seconds each time, once for 5 to 6 rounds, more magical effect.

implementation of the above, at the same time alternating with cold shower massage, the more ice better for breast Jianting more miraculous, best to massage for five minutes, and cold water spilt a massage.