A cup of hot tea brings customers to the store

now has a lot of shopkeepers are such a service attitude, if the customer in this shop consumption, the owner is naturally good attitude, hot water supply in place. However, if the customer is not in the store consumption, a lot of owner’s face completely changed. In fact, this service is not only unable to attract more customers to the store, but also easily lead to the loss of more customers.

as a retail household should show their best service attitude to every customer into the store, even if the customer does not have the desire to consume should be warm hospitality. Meticulous care, nuanced consideration, you can inadvertently move the customer, get the customer’s recognition, narrow the distance between each other, stimulate the customer’s desire to buy, will be easier to clinch a deal.


afternoon last winter, an aunt came into my shop, I as usual for the aunt said: "Hello, what you want to buy?" Aunt hand carrying a lot of things to me, said: "girl, I do not buy things, I went to the first letter of the shopping mall to buy things tired, would like to sit here for a while, OK?"

I immediately replied: "Auntie you sit down and rest, we have a drinking machine, I’ll get you a glass of water, you wait." I put the water to the aunt, she said I looked with grateful eyes: "girl, you busy for you, I would go and sit down". She sat in a chair while drinking tea while slowly glancing at my store display of goods, when I see the goods shelves exquisite female cotton gloves, my aunt asked me: "girl, you this style of cotton gloves and how much money?"

I took the cotton gloves, took over the aunt looked for a while and said: "girl, I’ll have to pay the gloves, my daughter is the sanitation workers, more than five points every morning went out to sweep the streets, the weather is so cold, wear cotton gloves still warm." Subsequently, the aunt and his wife bought a bottle of wine and two packs of alcoholic peanuts. The aunt did not have the idea of shopping, but because I have a cup of hot tea had a desire to buy, thus increasing the sales of my store.

really have the impulse to go out of the shop is often very busy, but for many retail stores, such a fit is undoubtedly more. Therefore, we only have to provide a good quality service, so that it can bring more customer groups for the store, and then let the shop business is more popular.