Analysis of the expansion of small meat shop

in the eyes of many people, entrepreneurship is very difficult, there is difficult to start, if the right choices, are willing to put in the effort, you can create great wealth, the following small to you a detailed analysis of a small carnivorous paved the road of expansion!

he summed up the reason: "finally made a decision, is a kind of lifestyle choice.".

he remembered his childhood, who is not contaminated with excessive stink of money and quality of small carnivorous stalls and retail stores, seems to be more attractive for gourmets and tired of the cold big supermarket people. Rosberg will own good friend for many years, · send (Jason  Parent) mobilized to jointly launched the founder of Meat  House’s plan to start.

2008, the company started the franchise, now in 10 states with 30 stores, this year also plans to open more than and 10 new stores.

Meat  House what are the most outstanding characteristics of


this is how they can trust is our honor. This is a process of endless cycles. People can choose a large supermarket like WAL-MART, but we are much smaller, more humane, but also easier to manage. People usually regard us as in Japan to the butcher’s incarnation, once the elders often take their patronage, leaving a lot of good memories. Good memories of childhood memories.


in different regions, our goods on the shelves are different. In the northeast, we offer steak, chicken and pork, and people in Oklahoma prefer beef tenderloin and top meat