Famous Chinese fast food brands rely on what

what are some of the famous Chinese fast food Brand Company in China, you may first think of "vision"". Vision Service Management Co., Ltd. is a chain of fast food brands in Qingdao, the production and operation of operators, is China’s larger well-known Chinese fast food Brand Company. Its originality, design as the guide to serve the majority of fast food service providers.

recently, in the Shandong market successfully promoted the "Wang dumpling", "Wang beef noodles", "fat man", "fast food" Shu Wang Hot and Sour Rice Noodles "and other brands, Qingdao vision Service Management Company Limited will be" Wang dumpling "," Wang beef noodles "," Little Fatty food "," Shu Wang Hot and Sour Rice Noodles "brand promotion to the province.

ten years of grinding sword build chain

vision of the business philosophy, is the premise of visionary success. Qingdao vision Service Management Co., Ltd. was founded in 1997, is a professional engaged in food and beverage franchise chain management company, headquartered in Qingdao. 10 years since its establishment, always uphold the "customer satisfaction, let the franchisee profit" business philosophy to the development of franchise business, there’s a little fat fast food "," Wang dumplings "and" flourishing "spicy beef noodles", Wang Shu "," king of Huaxi beef powder "and other food and beverage brands. At the same time in Shandong regional agent Shanghai auspicious wonton". The vision of fast food brands to join the business to provide a personalized choice, franchisees can be based on the needs of the local and personal circumstances of the project selection. Up to now, the vision of the brand has developed nearly two hundred direct and join stores. Through the company’s unified production, unified distribution, unified management, franchisee has achieved good returns. Vision has a complete brand, mature management system, the central distribution system, research and development system and a high level of talent pool. Companies continue to learn from the international advanced management concepts, innovation and beyond, continue to attract professionals to join, college or higher education management has accounted for more than 90%.

"honest operation, innovation and efficiency, people-oriented" is the vision of the company’s core business philosophy. The vision of service quality is the guarantee of foresight success. Into the vision to give people a warm and cultural taste of the experience, staff enthusiasm, thoughtful. Vision of the company’s core concept of franchising is: let franchisees profit, so that consumers are satisfied, it is in this concept under the guidance of the continuous improvement of the quality of vision.

expand the industrial chain to expand market share

standardization, industrialization, the system of the system is the chain of food and beverage brands can be copied and doubled the key, vision and long-term commitment to build brand system. According to the Chinese food and beverage industry standard formulation difficult reality, vision company believes that to a great extent, is a kind of experience type to develop Chinese standard, in many cases by the chef at the scene while tasting while correcting the vision, constantly groping.