Campus O2O college students new choice

for today’s college students, can be achieved through many channels to achieve the dream of more opportunities. The day before the exam, Tsinghua University is the school independent recruitment: "after graduating from business or business?" Once again the college students to start this hot topic to the climax. As for whether the college students should take the initiative to start the business, we do not advocate, but can not be a stick to kill, which is indeed a number of outstanding students to get out of business to get a certain amount of achievement.

A, starting from the convenience store

now campus students are 90 main part of the students have a very obvious characteristic is the house, and the house is quite. It is this house gave birth to the campus lazy economy hot, 59store, house m, 8 day online, I also like to self convenience store O2O platform as the representative of the campus have been rising, so this kind of platform what successful experience is worthy of reference for college students?


Third, promotion of the ground is O2O products reach the consumer.