First purchase details

as long as their own business, as long as the cause to do a little better, it is inevitable to encounter this problem, a lot of people are very afraid of this, especially for the first time. The following small series will be your weapon, so that your purchase journey more smoothly!

When you go out, a

two, to prevent being seen is the "rookie", playing a number of professional, professional questions.

novice to take the goods, generally those wholesalers will see from his (her) language and "Wardrobe", because most dressed as usual, hand there is no sign of getting goods trolley, ask the price when asked how much a love? It may be or how to sell? Take a few pieces, so those who encounter unscrupulous wholesalers, especially in the case of no other people will like your price, in this regard may refer to the following recommendations:

1) if the goods are not used on the cart, a large plastic bag you can hand 1-2 wholesale market is the most common (the best black, because what is invisible to anyone; 2) ask the price when the "how?" or "how to" take "the most bottom?" or "package can buy more to ask how many?", don’t ask how much a? How to sell this market, ask L retail.

three, the first purchase, do not take too much, easily yahuo.

for the initial purchase, beginners often do not know how much some loss, what is right, feel this will do it; and some people take once and often stop, some get the goods back home again turn left and right look, competing on certain goods some dissatisfied; how to avoid such problems, I think we should try to do the following:

1), do not bring too much cash. If you don’t plan to take three thousand with four thousand, this can be a mandatory control; some people say that I have not met, do not take a choice, but in fact you really to the place where we can say it involuntarily, you will probably feel difficult to once have to get more ideas that may well have a "environment" infection "whim" (the others are berserk his hand also itch), may also be wholesalers around your blarney Ling tongue will ~; so from the most fundamental problems we can solve this kind of problem.