2016 ten major brands of baby rice noodle

baby to a certain period of time, pure breast milk or milk powder has been unable to meet the needs of the child’s growth, so, rice began to play a complementary role in the food. It is precisely because the number of children is very scarce now, parents are very important, so baby rice market has ushered in a huge development. In this case, in order to allow parents to make a better choice, Xiao Bian here to provide the ten major brands of baby rice noodle in 2016, so that consumers can have a reference.

baby Rice noodles by means of modern nutritional science, the original ecological quality millet and rice as the main raw materials, sugar, vegetables, fruits, eggs, meat and other ingredients for the selective, at the same time by the amount of calcium, phosphorus, iron, protein and other infant comprehensive growth required adding nutrients and trace elements, science the formula ingredients produced for lack of breast-feeding, or adult meals for infants, excessive supplement provides a modern science and food nutrition.

baby is Rice noodles according to different stages of growth and development of the baby’s nutritional needs, using high quality rice as the main raw materials, plus a milk powder, egg yolk powder, soybean powder, vegetable oil, sugar, after crushing, grinding, high temperature sterilization and other processes more than 10 and strengthen the iron and zinc, calcium, iodine and other trace elements and vitamins and a variety of nutrients scientific and refined infant supplementary food.

2016 baby Rice noodles ten brand ranking NO.1:Heinz (Heinz began in 1869 in the United States, the high-end baby Rice noodles ten brands, the formula products based on the constitution of local baby in many parts of Asia / Oceania / European R & D respectively (launched different series))

2016 baby Rice noodles ten brand ranking NO.2:Gerber Jiabao (started in 1927, Nestle’s well-known infant nutrition brand, the famous American infant nutrition food producers, special stage nutritional system, Nestle (China) Limited)

2016 baby Rice noodles ten brands ranked NO.3:HiPP hi (founded in 1899, the German infant food brands, Europe’s leading baby organic food supplement brands, large global organic food manufacturers, Germany Hei Bao (HIPP) nutrition company)

2016 baby Rice noodles ten brand ranking NO.4:Nestle Nestle (starting in 1867 in Switzerland, started production of baby food, maternal and child health food suppliers, leading the world’s leading food companies, large multinational companies, Nestle (Chinese) Limited)

2016 baby rice noodles ten brands ranked NO.5: Beingmate BEINGMATE (representative)