Electricity supplier hit a good entrepreneurial environment Chengdu

a good business link is very important for many entrepreneurs at the same time, if a place has a good business environment, will also attract more entrepreneurs to participate, and bring some business opportunities for local.

8 on the afternoon of 20 August, Lai army with their only set up a project and team for the past 26 days, participated in the 2015 China (Chengdu) mobile electricity supplier passenger show roadshow. However, due to the company’s start-up soon, the speech PPT is preparing for the establishment of the company in the process of preparation, Lai Jun’s project did not get investors to invest in the field.

although not perfect, but Lai army still appreciated, "was set up in 26 days, did not want to come to the roadshow, but as a startup, we hope to learn from mentors and investors, and also can do publicity for the project."

years of sea drift, Lai army also changed several jobs, worked over Ali, CITIC, Internet and finance experience, followed by a visit to Silicon Valley, with entrepreneurial intention.

"business, that is real money invested, was not out of business, there are also several million yuan a month income, but now has become a family business." With a sad also with happiness, talking about entrepreneurship embarked on this road, Lai Jun is still no regrets.

in that Chengdu is making efforts to support entrepreneurship, Lai army decisively team Chengdu, this also had other business partners to agree, because can meet all the needs of business here. In recent years, Chengdu has a lot of well-known companies settled, including Tencent, etc.." As an entrepreneur Lai Jun believes that Chengdu has met the requirements in terms of talent, technology, market and so on. "First of all, Chengdu is very recommended