Beijing Street fire 3 people have not ruled out arson arson

recently, a site in Beijing, a cottage fire, living in which the fire caused 3 deaths. At present, the police have been involved in the investigation, has not yet ruled out criminal suspects.

cottage on fire killed 3 people

"there are no people." Nearby residents said that when the cottage on fire, many people have not yet rest, have come to help out the fire. Some people want to rush into the rescue, because the fire was not successful. Subsequently, police, fire, emergency rushed to the scene.

Nearby residents said the fire /

Police have not ruled out criminal suspect

Nearby residents said more than

, Paul village began demolition from 2011 onwards, there are still 3 villagers due to the compensation issue is not settled, living in the village. Recently, the construction side of the construction, the size of the daily roar of the machine, the road is broken, out of the inconvenience.