How to deal with nternet cafes

many girls do not want to go to Internet cafes, Internet is not love, but because the Internet environment is very bad, is not only a variety of smoke and noise, there are some social young people fear. In fact, went to Internet cafes friends all know, because of the Internet consumption is relatively low, so the entertainment in the Internet bar in the crowd is delivered, what people have. In fact, in the Internet, but most are in earnest to the Internet customers, and a small part is idle, idle social xianzarenyuan.

for Internet cafe owners, this part of the Internet cafes frequented by the bully who is undoubtedly the most annoying. Generally speaking, in the cafe when the bully is nothing more than three kinds, the first kind is the most common, which help to rub the Internet is hunhun nine out of ten, some Internet cafes and did not use the billing system, the Internet is generally the first to pay again, and this is often help the gangsters do not give money, grin cheekily joke.

second is not the Internet, is the bully, wandering around in your room, staring at the screen to see the customer, the customer at all, or staring at MM, seriously affected the normal Internet customers, and the bully is ulterior motives, stealing hand machine wallet customer is real the purpose of their. This will undoubtedly affect the normal operation of Internet cafes, often stolen things, who dare to come to your Internet cafe.

and the last one is belonged to the local ruffians and hooligans, by some local relationships, with a protection fee for students, or no less dry, and Internet cafes will naturally become their goal, this is also the most difficult. An improper handling will cause a lot of trouble to the Internet at any time. So, how to effectively deal with the Internet cafes to help these people? Below, the author specifically for the Internet cafe owners and network managers who have three strokes.

The first one:

build Impenetrable Defence cocoon

deal with a group of hair flies, the most direct way is to create a Impenetrable Defence cocoon, the so-called flies do not stare at seamless egg, is the truth. At present, a large number of large Internet cafes are billing system, customers pay a deposit for the card and password on the machine, and the balance of the card is insufficient, the system will automatically remind and timely lock. This approach can be a good deal with the first kind of Internet to rub the bully.

in addition to the billing system, Internet cafe owners also need to monitor the internet. The most direct way is to install the camera in the Internet cafe, real-time recording. One aspect is the bully who plays the role of perturbation to the town, petty, the camera or some fear, in general, who are locals, to a wallet, a mobile phone, when to go real, they still do not want to. In addition, some want to play in the Internet bar fights the bully, the camera can also play the recording of evidence >