More and more difficult to change the operation of the foot shop

previously opened a shop operation, as long as the door, you can wait for customers to visit, business is very simple. However, in the era of progress, everything is changing. Before the foot is "foot, massage, leisure," synonymous, but today you are holding such an idea to run foot shop, then you will be abandoned by the continuous improvement of the market! Do pedicure this line, must be able to keep up with the development of the times and changes in the consumer, if you can not understand the following seven changes, then you will feel more and more difficult operating foot shop!

1, consumers are changing

can not be denied that the current foot shop, the main consumer groups most middle-aged men, but with the enhancement of people’s awareness of health and income increase, more and more 80, 90 foot care needs are also increasing. This is a very large consumer groups, what do they like? What do you dislike? What is the attitude of this group of people on foot?


survey shows that 60, 70 after the growth of the times most of the material is relatively poor, on foot, on many things are comfortable and effective, pay attention to the effect and cost, while the 80, 90 growth era material is rich, the economic pressure is relatively small, they love to try new things, their impression of the foot relaxation and recreation are still at the level, as the operator foot store, if you can grasp this point, then the appropriate guidance, you can get a consumer favorite, has a huge consumer groups, business how to do well? For example, as far as I know that some of the newly opened foot shop has been provided in the theater features, do foot while watching movies, which 80, 90 is still very attractive.

2, consumer demand is changing

in the past, only some good economic conditions or trendy people will go to the foot store to do health, with the development of social economy and people’s health consciousness, as long as you are willing, you can even go to the foot store every day to do health. Therefore, you should not only have the effect of the shop to have a good effect, the technical skills of a good, good service, you may be the foot shop also fun, in order to attract more consumers. It can be said that in the past to foot shop consumption is a kind of honor, today about a friend to talk about things, find a good environment to enjoy the side of the foot shop chat, has gradually become a norm.

3, competitors are changing

or because in the past people generally low income, lack of spending power, there may not be a number of provincial capital foot shop, let alone prefecture level cities and counties. Before you open a foot shop, your competitors may be a few kilometers away from your shop. But until now, foot shops everywhere, your competitors can also be seen everywhere, competition >