The college canteen canteen of Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine who became popular brother pan

these days, Zhang Shuai Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine canteen "pancake by" maxed out according to South TCM doctor’s circle of friends and QQ space. Photos on his eyes handsome, wearing a hat and a mask, staring at the hands of the pancake.   dinner at 6:30 yesterday evening peak has passed, "pancake brother booth still lined up, the hands of the living moment can not stop. Through the mask, "pancake brother smiled shyly:" I feel the fire, just want to quietly take good pancakes."

"do not know every day, did not feel red." After the last pancake, the reporter finally and the "big brother" say the words. The pancake brother named Zhang Xuezhi, from Anhui of Suzhou. Born in 1994,   he is a veritable "small meat". He took off his mask, embarrassed to say: "in fact, not handsome." Reporters noted that the height of about 1 meters 8 he is a handsome boy, eyes slightly smaller, visual not "handsome cry"   degree.

22 years old this year, he has 7 years of work experience. Zhang Xuezhi said he was 15 years old to work to earn money to support their families, making pancakes is his twenty-ninth job. This is a self baking pancake recommended