Welcome to Henan, a traditional village

in the history of the track, there are a lot of traditional paragraphs left, not only record the local customs, but also contains a huge cultural value. In September 17th, the provincial housing and urban construction department, the Provincial Department of culture, cultural relics bureau and other departments jointly issued a notice, officially announced the Shaolin Temple Village Street office Tien Yang Dengfeng city house 80 villages into the list of fourth batch of Henan province traditional villages. Golden week is eleven, and want to visit traditional villages, Henan welcome your arrival.

The ancient village of traditional village formerly known as

, refers to the Republic of China before the construction of the village, retained the history of the larger, the environment of architecture, architectural style, village location has no big change, unique folk customs, the village has still people services. In September 2012, the first meeting of the National Committee for the protection of traditional villages and development experts, previously used to name the "ancient village" to "traditional village civilization", to highlight these values and heritage significance of the village.

With the rapid development of

economy, there are a lot of modern cities in our country, which stand on the international stage, stand in the hearts of people, but the traditional village as a cultural treasure, we still can not forget. The announcement of the 80 traditional villages located in the province’s 13 provincial cities, including 1 in Zhengzhou, Luoyang 5, Pingdingshan 8, Anyang 13, Hebi 1, Xinxiang 3, Jiaozuo 5, Xuchang 27, Sanmenxia 5, Nanyang 4, Shangqiu 2, Xinyang 3 A, Zhumadian 3. Up to now, the province’s four batch of a total of 591 villages in Henan province into the traditional village directory.

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