Shandong entrepreneurs to meet what conditions can be tax-free subsidies

state strongly support and keep dreaming of entrepreneurs, the introduction of a number of entrepreneurial policies helping to bring a lot of surprises to Shandong entrepreneurs. So what are the four types of Shandong entrepreneurs who are exempt from state subsidies?

for the realization of value added services accounted for the proportion of GDP year increase of 2 percentage points across the development goals, Shandong province will give an annual service of 1 billion yuan of government funds and bank loans, while supporting the strong policy support also includes: relax market access requirements, the implementation of tax incentives, strengthen financial support, guarantee the supply of land, regulate prices and fees, training 30 aspects of the introduction of talent, encourage entrepreneurship and employment etc..

"30 policy" of services to support the efforts and the preferential much, hitherto unknown." Wang Wenxuan, director of the office of the service industry, restrictions in the service market, the "30" service enterprises to maximize the amount of clearance, except otherwise provided by laws and regulations, shall be funded by the enterprise service industry investors subscribed to, without limit.

The support of intermediary service organization of the

, "30" I seize the financial service industry is lagging behind the situation, from the service industry in developed provinces experience of non-profit SME credit guarantee, included in the national pilot re guarantee institutions engaged in re guarantee business revenue, give 3 years shall be exempted from business tax support.

"12th Five-Year" period, the province’s banking industry to support the development of service industry credit credit growth will be higher than the average growth rate of 1 percentage points, and through joint fund bank and government loans, the provincial government each year to raise 1 billion yuan of funds, the service industry key projects, key enterprises and key industrial parks, the focus of the city "four carrier" strong support.

in self employment and self employment force, college graduates, unemployed workers, migrant workers, demobilized veterans and other four groups is the main. "30" for the establishment of the service sector of the four groups of people to the post development, entrepreneurship subsidies and tax free support. If this policy can be effectively implemented, the four groups can reduce the cost of entrepreneurship at least 20%.