2015 business is not good to do business skills is very important

is now in 2015, many people want to make a fortune in the new year. For start-up business friends, shop management skills are very important. How to make their shops in 2015? Let’s take a look at the store management skills.

1, customer database management


will be determined by the customer to build files, and input to the database. The main content of the customer database, mainly refers to the customer related information.

2, customer survey

understanding customers, understand customer is one thing pays special attention to. A shop that is actively expanding its market share must understand the following questions through various methods and approaches:

What is

the needs and expectations of the customer? What are the most important aspects of the customer’s needs and expectations?

he can expect to meet these needs and how much? How many competitors can satisfy?

to implement customer series, which is a kind of complex management method is simple and effective. Specific operation, you can use two different methods. (1) organize customer according to customer’s attitude towards product. (2) organize the customer according to the customer’s purchase amount.

3, customer management approach

to manage the customer, need to adopt scientific management methods, the main inspection management and relationship management.

4, management and handling of customer complaints

When the first