The prospect of Brazil mushroom

mushroom is a kind of vegetable is like, which has a high popularity in Brazil is the king of mushrooms, mushroom, mushroom from Brazil so called Brazil, if you want to do this business it can bring good benefits? This is a lot of people are concerned about the place, today Xiaobian take you to take a look at the interests of Brazil mushroom analysis.

mushroom planting prospect of Brazil mushroom fruiting aroma, crisp and refreshing, unique flavor, rich nutrition, high edible and medicinal value. Nutritional value: Brazil mushroom components including protein, fat, vitamin, ash and carbohydrate, compared with other bacteria, protein and sugar content of Brazil mushroom is rich, and more fruitbody polysaccharide protein complex B-16-D glucan content, have been proved to be adjustable immune system function and the function of reducing blood sugar, confirm the medicine and immune therapy on the value of respect. To 2011 in Japan about five hundred hospitals to use Brazil mushroom cancer treatments, and the popular products of Ganoderma mushroom with B-16-D dextran protein complexes each containing sixty grams of Brazil mushroom to seventy mg, twenty mg to ten ratio of Ganoderma lucidum is much higher.