New venture entrepreneurs choose to return home to do business farmers

China’s economic development for many years to maintain the growth rate of 8%, down slightly in the past two years. In order to stimulate the vitality of China’s economy, Premier Li Keqiang put forward the slogan of "public entrepreneurship, people’s innovation".

in the public entrepreneurship, innovation era, agriculture and rural areas is no longer traditional backwardness, because of changes in policy and market environment to promote the reform of the Rural Ridge burst out of the infinite opportunity, waiting for young people.

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this group of young people, is affected by what? What kind of attitude did they return home? Behind it and how common? With questions and thinking, the reporter interviewed three very representative of young entrepreneurs.

home story

2015 at the beginning of December, the reporter saw him for the first time, is the source of Zhenrui in caochi agricultural base, he invested more than 300 acres of Greenhouse Strawberry base spectacular.

"return to the land for three years, I have invested thousands of yuan, from soil improvement, to the introduction of improved varieties, planting to practice every year, accumulated experience in every year to enhance the innovation, now finally wait until the harvest season." Wei Kui told reporters that the new agriculture, he visited a famous strawberry expert, but because of his strong businessman flavor but was rejected, then after his repeated efforts, the experts agreed to join, but Wei Kui promise, which sell their own children can rest assured eat strawberries.

to kind of green ecological, safe to eat strawberry! With this simple feelings, Wei Kui returned to the grass pool town, do not hesitate to put more times than anyone else the cost, determined to build a green home for a gilded signboard of strawberry. Kung futrust people in Wei Quebec’s insistence, "Rui source" strawberry became a local famous green brand, and enhance the overall image of the grass pond town of strawberry, he himself was recommended as the backbone of the youth farmers in Jianyang city.

"we recommend the strawberry has been in short supply