108 a public record of investment funds is the number of barbecue

in ancient times, we have a good understanding of the water margin Liangshan heroes 108 will be, and now in our life, there are also the food and beverage industry, a total of 108 barbecue barbecue. The catering industry is the current highly competitive industry, fast food brand in the industry to beyond count, based on steady natural needs of attractions, 108 official public record master carpenter barbecue join establish industry model. By virtue of the high standards of respect, showing a huge competitive, fast seize the market. So how much money to join the 108 craftsmen barbecue barbecue?

How much does it cost to join the

108 maker?

108 a public record of meat barbecue ingredients selected Inner Mongolia high jump Sunit regional growth, following seven months of alliummongolicum lamb. Every sheep have a traceable identity card, by the central kitchen after processing, the entire cold chain logistics direct distribution to the store, to ensure that each skewer can trace to its source, every bite into the mouth are safe, healthy, delicious, assured



, every delicacy barbecue after repeated attempts to fine to every minute of the time, the detailed mg standard, thousands of times experience record digital delicacy barbecue carpenter, forming 108 carpenter standardization of production processes, so that every family will hold a carpenter 108 level, 108 carpenter the public a barbecue shop, business easier.

How many

108 carpenter barbecue join fee to do just 1-3 million easy cause of success. 108 a public record input: barbecue ingredients, spices are unified distribution by the headquarters of the central kitchen, straight down the purchasing cost, more benefit from the shop; Jane: store decoration, tableware equipment, daily management, according to the headquarters outlets set of output mode: simple operation, easy to use; no need to hire a chef, ordinary as to the waiter after training. Now as long as tens of thousands of pieces can join, the 108 owners of barbecue barbecue is really not much!

108’s public record on the barbecue ride, marketing, joining the low threshold, the heart has no apprehension, Yan value connotation characteristics, customer nostalgia, reputation is a product of mouth, rinse roast. Is a franchisee to join a good project to get rich, welcome to join the 108 craftsmen to join the public barbecue!

if you want to invest in the creation of the 108 carpenter barbecue this brand, then please give us a message below our website, we will arrange staff to contact you after seeing the message.