Shop names which taboo can not touch

to choose an appropriate name, always there are some taboos, and for any one owner, if do not pay attention to these taboos, such shops will be affected in the later development. Therefore, the name of the shop must pay attention to the relevant taboo. So, shop name which taboo can’t touch?

whether it is their own company name, company name or professional or expert should be named, methods and skills of using business name, business name to follow the rules, more consideration should be given to avoid the commercial name taboo. Next, we introduce the business name of the taboo.

to let others remember your name, first let others know your name. If people don’t know your name, how can you remember your name? In unfamiliar words, multiple strokes word or nonstandard words and name, is one of the main reasons that influence the spread of the name. The use of unfamiliar words is extremely limited, it is now rarely used characters.

non-standard word refers to the relevant provisions of the abolition of the use of foreign words. Multi stroke word refers to the word strokes more difficult to write difficult to recognize. With the unfamiliar words, standard words and multi word strokes are named will give others identify trouble, so as to bring trouble to the enterprise business and product sales.

enterprise, shop name has the role of indicating the nature of the enterprise, suggesting the function of the product, requiring a strong readability. If the meaning is vague meaning too esoteric, others cannot read. As with unfamiliar words, what is good, no one knows, good moral has no meaning.

so, now many people in the shop named to a strength of the pursuit of new ideas, just to attract the public eye, however, because the public does not know the name, naturally do not know what is the store products, such a background, want to shop business is booming, is difficult.