Zhengzhou University of Light ndustry selected college students entrepreneurial demonstration base

college students employment has been the focus of government work, in recent years, local governments have taken to promote the employment of entrepreneurship to promote the employment of college students to solve the problem. Henan Province, the second batch of college students entrepreneurial base, proved that colleges and universities are actively building a college incubator platform.

the selected Henan entrepreneurship demonstration base of Zhengzhou University of Light Industry, the pioneering work of affirmation, also built a new platform to further promote students’ pioneering work of Zhengzhou University of Light Industry. Zhengzhou University of Light Industry will take this opportunity, according to the "Henan province entrepreneurship demonstration base of the identification and management approach (Trial)" the spirit of the document, continue to strengthen and standardize the base construction, operation and management, to strengthen students’ entrepreneurial projects to support entrepreneurial base has become an important carrier of students’ innovation and entrepreneurship education and entrepreneurial activities and service platform.

the government encourage and support students in Colleges and universities, is moving towards a hitherto unknown era of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial passion has been ignited, the next two years there will be more students out of school to go on social entrepreneurs, start a career path for entrepreneurship.

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